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Think you might be interested in voice lessons?
Hear what some of Carly’s students have to say about their experiences!

Isaia Wilcoxen

Vocal Music Ed Major

“The time I have spent working under the instruction of Ms. Carly Wingfield has challenged me to find freedom in my voice. She has helped me to open up and become more confident in my voice, and in myself.”

Anna Brayman

Musical Theatre Major

“Carly Wingfield has helped me improve and discover new parts of my voice, and she is so wonderful to work with!”

Spencer Fleury

Vocal Music Ed Major

“Ms. Wingfield inspires students to achieve excellence in all areas of voice: technique, phrasing, posture, stage presence, etc. She has helped me understand vocal pedagogy. Additionally, I have become a more relaxed individual. She is one of the hardest workers I know.”

Nick Shannon

Vocal Music Ed Major

“My time in lessons with Carly not only gave me a better grasp on essential vocal fundamentals, but also helped me discover more confidence and passion in my singing.”

Emily Trent

BFA Acting Major, Music Minor

“Carly Wingfield helped bring my voice out of its shell.  I gained vocal confidence that I didn’t have before, along with technique that I hadn’t learned in the past.”

William Dickens

Composition Major

“Taking lessons with Carly Wingfield has tremendously improved my ability to sing and to be conscious of the areas I can improve in. She is extremely knowledgeable in the technical aspects of the voice and is great at identifying the problems I face.”

Why Voice Lessons

People of all ages and backgrounds take voice lessons for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you want to major in music in college, maybe you enjoy singing in choir and want to better your individual instrument.  Or maybe you just enjoy singing!  With voice lessons, you’ll:

What you get

With Carly, you get a teacher who has a thorough grasp of languages and diction (fluent in German and two-years experience teaching Diction for Singers).  She can also accompany you on the piano during lessons.  With custom built lessons, you get:

“As a studio teacher, Carly is superb. Her students improve, they sing with intellect and understanding, and their technique is natural and personal.”

– Dr. Chris Thompson
 Professor of Voice
Missouri State University